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Nicki and MyPinkFriday are holding a competition for the fans! There is a ‘Super Bass’ video contest where you record yourself doing one verse of the latest single, upload it to YouTube, and send it in! The lucky five winners get two tickets two backstage passes to meet and watch Nicki on the Femme Fatale Tour with Britney Spears, a special phone call from Nicki herself, and a spot on the MyPinkFriday homepage! Check out the rules below:

1. Record a video of yourself performing ONLY A VERSE from Super Bass and upload to Youtube.
2. Visit and sign up for the campaign.
3. Then enter in the link of the youtube video.
4. At the end of the contest we will display ALL APPROVED videos in the video section of
5. Nicki will select 5 winners and they will win:
- 2 tickets and 2 passes to meet Nicki on the Femme Fatale Tour*
- A call from Nicki thanking you for participating in the contest
- Featured on the home page of

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so, yes! i’m sooo excited to finally reveal this incredible news! Its obviously an honor to tour with this amazing woman. I’d like to just assure all of u b/c i saw some of ur tweets… my VIP PACKAGES WILL GO UP THE SAME DAY AS THE GENERAL TICKETS! lol, i know we had a long wait last time but this one will be different! I’ll see to it that you guys are able to get your ticket as well as the meet & greet package directly off just like we’re doing now for the i am still music tour. so u guys don’t have to send me hate mail this time saying u already bought ur tkt! lol. the meet&greets i’m doing now are really special to me. finally getting to meet u guys, and be up close and personal with u even if its just for a few moments is a true blessing. u guys have no idea how much u continue to inspire me. yes, we’ve come a long way. and no, i couldn’t have done it without u. wrapping up the super bass video now. the edit’s taking a bit long b/c i’m on the road and can’t physically be there to give my 2 cents. but trust me, it’ll be worth the wait! also working on a lil somethin for “did it on’em”. got some other surprises as well but u know i NEVER reveal everything at once! by the way, the gifts u guys have been bringing me are BEAUTIFUL, THOUGHTFUL, BEYOND SWEET. I have perfumes, almonds and cranberries to last a lifetime! also have TONS of teddy bears that sleep with me on the bus every nite! they’re soo cute and cuddly! the necklaces, bracelets, scarfs, leggings and even the BLANKIES!!!! lol. they’re to die for. Especially ninjakeke’s pink friday blanket! INSANE!!!! all the scrap books, letter’s, cards, etc. priceless. I LOVE U BARBZ!!!!! I really love u. MMMUUUUAAAHHHHH!!!!

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