Thursday, April 17, 2014
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Nicki Minaj usually treats one male fan to a lap dance during her concerts, but the crowd was in for a surprise when that man happened to be Lil Wayne. Young Money’s First Lady (and her jaw-dropping booty) danced up on a grinning Weezy during the “I Am Music II” tour stop at Long Island’s Nassau Coliseum on Sunday (March 27). He was so overcome by the experience that he eventually fell out of his chair. Now that’s a moment for life.

Source: Rap-Up

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Welcome to Nicki Daily’s OFFICIAL post of the I Am Music Tour II featuring Nicki Minaj tonight!

Nicki Minaj joins Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, and more in her concert tonight in Buffalo, NY! The tour will be held at the HSBC Arena at 7:00 PM EST. Nicki Daily will keep you updated with Nicki’s tour set lists, pictures, videos, and more! If you’d like to e-mail us any pictures or videos from the event, you can e-mail us at

10:22 EST - Nicki has officially hit the stage. She’s wearing the same outfit from last night, except her wig is a cross between black and blonde!

Keep checking back here later for updates on the show!

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Nicki just slayed the game, and ended the song promising new music every week. Are you ready for this????