Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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Nicki gave back to her fans today to celebrate the news of her upcoming re-release, “The Re-Up”. Nicki answered lots of fans questions with the hashtag #TheReUp. Here is a summary of what Nicki said today:

  • “The Boys” is the name of the first single
  • There is a female featured on the song
  • The song will debut on iTunes on either Tuesday or Wednesday
  • There will be a new album art cover for The Re-Up
  • We may get footage of her in the recording studio
  • There will be 5-8 new songs on the re-release
  • Lil Wayne will be featured on one of the songs
  • The re-release will be on a special new disc

Sounds very exciting! I can’t wait for more details to emerge. Make sure to follow Nicki and us on Twitter @NICKIMINAJ and @NickiDaily!

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Nicki let fans ask more questions to her while her stay in Japan over Twitter today using the hashtag #AyoNicki. She confirmed tour details, some personal info, and more. She also confirmed she will perform on American Idol on March 29. Here is a recap of what she said in bold:

  • Yes > RT @Skitszo_Killsxx: @NICKIMINAJ Will both the Starships & Beez In The Trap videos be released around the same time? RT @TeamMinaj_x: @NICKIMINAJ #AyoNicki what was your inspiration for making BITT ?
  • Depends on what mood I’m in > RT @samstylinson: @NICKIMINAJ #AyoNicki whats your favourite track on RR?xxx
  • Gna try 2 make it happen> RT @MANXBARBIE: RT @_RomanJunior: RT @STYLEneek: @NICKIMINAJ #AyoNicki will there b an album signing in London?
  • U already know. I’m geeked! > RT @samanthajaneIV: @NICKIMINAJ are you excited about coming to the UK? Cause we are! #AyoNicki
  • Been liking greens lately > RT @NickiMyLife: @NICKIMINAJ #AyoNicki which hair u like better ? Ur green or pink or blonde one?
  • I want 14th st. cuz its central but may b in harlem > RT @hausofreuter: @NICKIMINAJ #AyoNicki details about the NYC album signing?
  • I’m waiting on confirmation! > RT @AnnaBeyonceBrit: @NickiMinaj #AyoNicki where are you gonna be in LA for the album signing ?
  • Already did! > RT @Shukat1: @NICKIMINAJ #AyoNicki Are you shooting a video for Beez In The Trap ! That shit goes so hard ! I swear !!!!!

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Nicki gave fans the opportunity to ask her some questions using the hashtag #AyoNicki on Twitter today. Here are some summarized details she answered from the tweets:

  • iTunes Pre-order + Tracklist in a few days.
  • She’s writing/working on two books.
  • She’s gonna start on the Roman “movie” in 3 days.
  • She’s releasing two songs sometimes this week.
  • The two songs she’s releasing are different. One makes you say “errrrrrrrrr” and the other “awwww”
  • No lapdances for her new tour.
  • The location for the CD signing is announced in two weeks.
  • The inspiration for the new album was love.
  • The album is now down to 19 of the “best” tracks

She also revealed that instead of 22 songs on ‘Roman Reloaded’, there are now 19.

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Nicki tweeted earlier today after the Stupid Hoe music video premiere that the highly-anticipated sophomore album from her is now arriving April 3rd! Great decision, in my opinion. :)

@NICKIMINAJ: New Album Date: April 3rd. Pink Friday: ROMAN RELOADED. But have no fear. Tons of surprises before then ;). Love Always, HB

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Great news! Earlier today, David Guetta, the mastermind behind teaming up with Flo Rida and Nicki Minaj, took to Twitter and confirmed that a ‘Where Them Girls At’ video is indeed being shot next week. He said we could have it in about a month!

We also found out earlier today that the trio’s song debuted at #3 on the UK Singles Chart — with no promotion!

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